Taking commissions!~


HELLO hi oh my gosh I’ve never done commissions before, and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to go about making one of these posts, but as I continue in search for a job, it would be gr8 to have some kind of monie happen so that I can save up for AX this summer- I want to meet some of my best friends there, and any kind of help would be super great. Even just reblogging this would make me eternally grateful. o/

So- here we go, this probably isn’t how I’m supposed to format a commission post, but whatever. eue;


^^ SKETCH: $5 ^^


^^ FLAT COLOR: $10 ^^


^^ FULL COLOR: $15 ^^


- I don’t draw smut, sorry!

- I won’t charge you for a background, but it’s not going to be excruciating.

- No gore. Blood is fine, but I’m not doing entrails or anything of the sort.

You can email me at terezidactyl@yahoo.com if you’d like a commission and we can discuss things from there. q uq Thank you for your time. ~

(I’ll probably stop at like 8 or 10 commissions if I make it that far, omg.)